If you need help
We offer free Mixed Martial Sessions, Employability Workshops and Housing Support across London
Check our timetable to see what sessions are available in your local area. We have workshops that support you with the following...

Mentoring/Progression Support and Counselling

Our mentors work closely with young people to support their progression and development.

Housing support

We work hard to ensure young people have somewhere to live. Rising Stars Support wants to ensure young people not only have a place to stay but have a home. We provide the best all round accommodation for our users.

Employability Workshops

Group workshops for Personal Branding, CV writing, Job Search and Entrepreneurship.

Mixed Martial Arts

We offer free Mixed Martial Arts sessions to young people across London.

"A diverse and positive team in the local community" - Gavin Barwell MP

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This is why we do, what we do!

“The classes and support you guys offer have been amazing. My CV looked pretty bleak and boring before it was looked over and amended. Most likely why I rarely received any job interviews. The MMA classes themselves are great. It offers me a chance to get out and be sociable, which I struggle with. It also provides me with a chance to pursue a sport that I am very much interested in, unable to afford £70 a month to go to a mixed martial arts gym. I would really like the classes to continue, as I would no doubt keep attending.”

Dean – Participant

Web Consultant

“Rising Stars interventions and interactions with my son and I was delivered in an empathetic, non-judgemental way. By providing 1-2-1 support to my son has motivated him to return to college in addition to raising his self-esteem and self-confidence.

Their professionalism coupled with their knowledge of youth culture and the challenges that our young people face is why I would recommend them in the future.”

Caroline – Parent of Participant

Accomplished Designer
The personal branding workshop was great as I didn’t know the importance of a firm handshake and eye contact before the
exercises. They showed how things in my personal life are related to my strengths in work. That’s why I think I got offered a job  ;even though the job didn’t work out. I was really surprised to be offered a part-time apprentice role with Rising Stars Support after, but I decided to pursue another opportunity to start my own business instead, which I’m still working on with the help of the progression support team.”

Sean – Participant

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If you need help

We offer free Mixed Martial Sessions and Employability workshops across London.

Rising Stars Support take a holistic approach to supporting young people towards living healthy, fulfilling lives and careers into adulthood

"Empowering the youth"